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The Rich Jerk?

A guy I haven’t talked to in a long time recently called out of the blue and asked me to help him re-launch his formerly infamous brand. He told me that he just realized he wasn’t making any sales of his flagship product. Upon further investigation, we discovered the problem…

His website has been offline for the last 7 years.

So after a heated conversation, we struck a deal. And I agreed to help get his website back online:

I’m also helping him create some of the best material the industry has ever seen, and to release it to the public later this summer.

In addition, I’ve been tasked with helping him throw a major event at an iconic location in the Holmby Hills area of LA. Apparently he held a pretty well-known event there at one time, and wants to do it again.

While I’m not at liberty to talk about the product or brand in too much detail…

I am permitted to share some pics of the project we are currently working on.









It’s all coming soon!

You’ve been warned…

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My Newest Website

My new website is an example of how anyone can do anything if you want to bad enough.

I am not a coder by any means. In fact, I got a D in computer programming in college, and dropped out.

To this day, I cannot create a website from scratch, exactly the way I want it, due to my own unwillingness (stubbornness) to learn enough to do it. Things like javascript, and some php scripts, scare me to death.

However, I have become pretty decent at using templates, and editing them to a level I am happy with. WordPress is one example. Although I don’t understand all of it, I understand “enough” to make things look good, or fix things that are broken, for the most part.

But HTML is another animal. I have learned bits and pieces over time, but I still couldn’t create an html site from scratch.


Here is my latest website:

I am proud to say that I made this website all by myself!

It is using “Parallax”, which is sort of like a cool version of HTML.

Basically you get a template, and then go into an html editor like dreamweaver and edit away – adding/removing/re-sizing/breaking things/fixing them.

It took me about a week to make this site, working about 2-4 hours a day. Most time was spent analyzing the code and trying to understand what controls what, because there are a lot of underlying pieces controlled by javascript and css.

Anyway, I wanted to give myself a pat on the back, and tell you that ANYONE can do this. I am living proof. Whether it is WordPress, HTML, SEO, keyword research, monetizing a site, or just simply learning the inner-workings of fundamentals like hosting, domains, and how every piece talks to one another. You can do all of it. Anyone can.

The only thing is, you have to want it bad enough.

And in this example, my fiance asking me about the site on a daily basis made me want it bad enough, because I want her to be happy!

So if you want to pursue internet marketing or SEO, or anything you don’t know online. Just read as much as you can about it, and get out there and BREAK SOME STUFF. Breaking things and making mistakes is the best way to learn.

It is a pretty liberating feeling knowing that you are free to break whatever you want on a site. Just make sure you have your files backed up! :D

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10 Years In the Making…

Hey there! 
Many people don’t know this, but way 
back in 2001, I got my start online by 
helping people fix their credit.
It is a worthy cause, because millions 
of people suffer 7-10 years due to a simple 
mistake or two.
The resulting interest rates take a huge 
financial toll, while the constant denials
take an equally troubling emotional toll.
Meanwhile, the banks get to take bailouts 
anytime they make a mistake…
While we suffer.
If you currently have bad credit, or have in
the past, I can relate.
Because I only learned how to help people
fix their credit, after figuring out how to 
fix my own.
I had 12 negative accounts on my credit
reports back in 2001. Charge offs, late
payments, judgments, and more.
It wasn’t pretty.
I felt like a bad person.
But I was determined to beat it.
I spent months researching credit laws,
and one day I found a simple sentence
that completely changed my life.
A loophole that still exists today.
I used it on all 12 of my accounts, and 
60 days later I had perfect credit.
I can’t tell you how good it felt to get 
my credit profile back on track.
I bought my first car and house shortly after.
And more importantly, I went on to help over
12,000 people do the same.
I published an ebook about it, and was 
even offered a book deal by one of the 
top literary agents in New York.
I ran that business until 2003, and at 
the time my site ranked #1 in Google
for the term “bad credit”.
Then another company came along 
and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, 
and bought my business for 6 figures.
That was the first big money I ever made, 
and I owe it all to genuinely helping people.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve always 
thought about starting that business up 
again, because it was so fulfilling to me.
After the financial meltdown of 2008,
I’ve seen so many people go through
hard financial times.
Millions of credit profiles ruined overnight, 
resulting in stress, financial ruin, divorces, 
and in extreme cases, even death.
I always promised myself I would eventually
re-create my credit repair ebook, updated to
today’s standards.
And today, I am proud to say I’VE DONE IT!
My new site is here:
I’ve taken on the pen name of “Scott Hilton” 
in honor of my fiance Alison Hilton, who
allowed me to use her as a guinea pig.
I worked on her credit score and got it from
588 to 781 :)
As a thank-you, a few days ago she bought me
a 2014 Maserati, with her near perfect credit.
She also picked up a Range Rover for herself!
A few months ago, no bank would touch her,
and now she gets pre-approved credit card 
offers in the mail daily.
Funny how that works isn’t it?
I know plenty of folks reading this email could 
benefit from a 100+ point credit score increase.
I’m looking forward to helping you jack up your 
credit score!
Click Here to Visit My New Site!


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Famous Peoples

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