$16,000 in 6 Hours Of Work – Special Thanks

I’ve begun to realize that our forum has so many success stories which would probably be very encouraging to those who aren’t inside BTF. If nothing else, they should serve as proof that making money online is not only “possible”, but quite a lot of folks are already doing it, from all walks of life. Some make a few hundred bucks, and are thrilled. Others are making tens of thousands of dollars, or more. Heck, many people I’ve worked with, either directly or indirectly, are making a lot more money than I am! And I couldn’t be more happy about that.

The feeling you get when you help someone change their life for the better… AND to have them publicly testify about it… well it just doesn’t get much better than that. Money is great and all, but knowing you’ve sort of changed the world in a small but positive way, that’s just killer.

Anyway, before I start sounding like some sort of positive affirmation fanatic, I’d like to just share one of the recent success stories I received, and let it speak for itself.

Just a quick note that dozens of people replied with words of congratulations to Greg, and several asked additional questions. So I’m posting Greg’s answers to those as well (while leaving out the dozens of replies – or this post would take up my entire blog!)


by melovemoney » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:13 am

Bring the Fresh success story

$177,000 day

Hey all, just wanted to share my success story with “ya’ll”. I’ll try and make it a short version so I don’t bore anyone.

Well yes I just made $16,000 in 6 hours of work over the last 3 weeks, but I’ll get to the details of that after going to the beginning.

For me the beginning starts with “The Rich Jerk” days. I had the same forum name I’m using now if you want to look me up! Unfortunately I can’t get on that forum anymore because it doesn’t let me login or reset my password (well it does let me reset but the new pw won’t work).

BTW…As I started in RJ I was actually heavily addicted to some hard drugs and working for $9 an hour – boy I don’t miss those days.

Anyways, yea I started with the RJ. Basically I was making a little of money until I got into MySpace marketing. I basically mastered MySpace marketing – made a product on it – and then turned and taught the Rich Jerk forum how to market on MySpace for free. Back then survey sites were really big, so a partner and I made a survey site. I asked the members of the RJ forum to promote my site in turn for showing them how to market on MySpace (I was actually the creator of “The MySpace Bank” which turned into “SpaceBankers” – which was later sold to Ryan Moran for $10k – it’s still around somewhat I think).

Anyways, having a forum of people promoting your product through MySpace back then was extremely profitable (from what I know it’s much harder on MySpace now – I don’t mess with it). My partner dropped off (won’t go into that – but some of you may know Ruck – who now owns Convert2Media which is a CPA company). So the site became solely mine. It shot to #1 selling product on PayDotCom.com (site\product name was OnlineBestSurveys.com).

I was basically making around $15,000 a month, pure profit, doing absolutely nothing. For some reason about 6 months later I got a feeling that the whole MySpace thing was coming apart as it was getting harder and harder and spam complaints were becoming more and more common for my site – and I was starting to have issues with Paypal which was who I was using to sell. So I decided to sell the site.

I sold the site for $200,000 on Flippa. Well, actually it was $177,500 (gave the guy who bought it a $2,500 to travel over here, for travel expenses and lawyer fees as we met with a lawyer). And then the deal was he’d give me $10,000 a month over the next two months if the site continued doing over $12,000 a month profit. It did the first month, so I got that $10,000 (well actually it ended up being $7,500 – forget why). After that his paypal account got put on hold and MySpace marketing crashed and the site\method that people were using to market completely tanked – which I had that weird feeling was going to happen. So it was a good thing I sold.

So now I had a bunch of money sitting in the bank, and I was living GOOD. I was SET for a WHILE, right? At least I thought.

Basically I sat on my lazy ass for the next 3 years doing pretty much nothing, like an idiot.

To make a long story short I went through the money pretty quickly and learned a valuable lesson.

Anyways, 6 months ago (when I was just about all the way through my money) I decided enough is enough and I was going to get back into internet marketing hardcore. Except this time I’m NOT going to STOP like an idiot when I make a bunch of money.

Over the last 6 months I have been totally busting my ass. I got a nice income going and have around 50 different sites I’m working on right now.

So now lets get to the $16,000 in 6 hours of work.

About 3 weeks ago I had a guy contact me telling me he wanted to buy a site of mine. This was a site that I hadn’t touched in years, and was doing like $4 a day in adsense. He said he’s buy it for $5,000. I said SOLD.

After that he asked if I had anymore sites on the same topic, for different keywords. I didn’t – but I told him to send me over keywords he is interested in and I will make sites on them and have them ranking in the top of Google shortly. He gave me a list of about 15 keywords.

That was 3 weeks ago. Over the last 2 days, 3 of those sites have already reached the top 5 in Google for their main keyword (which is where he wants them, and said he will buy when they reach their). I sold those 3 sites for a combined $11,000 ($11,000 + $5,000 = $16,000). Yeah you could say I made $11,000 in 6 hours of work, but the original site he found took me only a few hours to make and SEO. So I consider it $16k.

But that’s not the end of this success story. I still have 12 more sites that I am working on for this client now, 8 of which are already either on the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 2. Mind you, each of these sites are being sold for anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000. So although I made $16,000 in 6 hours of work, there is much more to come – from ONE client.

I know some people are going to want to know how I did this in only 6 hours so I’m going to explain – and hopefully some of you can get something out of it.

Basically for each site I contacted my article writer and had him write like 12 articles for each site. And by the way, I pay my article writer $2 for each 500 word article. This is a little off track – but you don’t need to pay a lot for good articles, you just need to find the right person. It took a lot of spending money to find the right person, but it was well worth it to me.

That’s something that I think is very underestimated – outsourcing to the right people. Sometimes it takes time and money – but finding the right people to outsource to can be pivital. I pay this guy only $2 per article, but he writes them as well as most people who charge $10 per article. And I order like 300 articles a week as I am working on tons of sites – do the math of how much more it would be if I was even paying $5 per article instead of $2. So finding the write people to outsource to is definitely really important.

Anyways, so again I had him write like 12 articles for each site. I used like 6 or 7 articles for the actual site. I then used the remaining articles for promotion. I used 3 for UAW (I don’t re-write my articles in UAW that takes WAY too much time – I just have him write 3 similar articles and copy and paste – why spend all that time re-writing when I can spend $6 to have it ready to go?). I used 1 article for the link juicer. And then I submitted 1 or 2 to ezinearticles. And I just did a couple other basic SEO techniques that I usually do for my sites.

I think I also ordered profile links from Tabish for a few of the sites (not sure if it was for the ones I already sold or not). I have my own profile guy, my own commenter, my own social bookmarker, etc – so I outsourced a project or two for each site to mostly my guys I use for SEO (remember taking the time and spending the money to find the right outsourcers is pivital – I pay very little for very good results).

All in all the 3 sites I sold so far took me about 6 hours of work, and I spent maybe $400 or so for the articles and SEO outsourcing. And that’s my $16,000 in 6 hours.

So I want to give a special thanks to Kelly Felix. I probably would never be in this business if it wasn’t for his Rich Jerk product and the Rich Jerk forum. Although I knew most of what was in BTF from when I was in the business earlier, I did learn some great things from BTF – particularly the power of exact match domains. I always knew they were powerful but Kelly made me realize just how powerful they are – and that helped me with the sites I am doing and have sold to my client. And of course there are a couple other great things and ideas I have picked up from BTF.

Honestly, Kelly if it weren’t from you I might be back in my days of heavy drug use and getting payed $9 an hour still. Succeeding in internet marketing brought me out of drug use and made me want something more. I usually wouldn’t share this in public – but I heard Kelly say he loves hearing success stories from what he taught and how he has impacted people’s career – and I think I owe it to him to share my success story. And not just how he impacted my career, but my life.

And Kelly you have taught me a shitload about this business. I can tell you all that good guidance is definitely another very important for success – and you all got one of the best in my opinion. I don’t think a lot of the members know just how crazy good BTF is if you REALLY go through all the information and even more importantly REALLY implement all the information (especially SEO). One things for sure, a lot of the “gurus” out there are some money hungry bitches – and teach you some bull shit. Kelly is NOT teaching you some bullshit – trust me – I have learned most of what I know from HIS products.

So make sure you understand and comprehend that you have one of the VERY few products out there that REALLY teaches you how to make REAL money in this business. Take advantage of it, especially if you aren’t making money online yet. There are very few people making money like Kelly that will take you inside their business and show you EXACTLY what they do. I mean come on – you can’t get better guidance than that.

And this success story isn’t just the $16,000 in 6 hours – or the 12 other sites that I will be selling over the next 2 months for an estimated $50,000, it’s the whole package!

Hopefully some of you got something out of this, and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Whether it be about my passed, about methods I use or used, or whatever else – ask away.

Also I think you can get some great ideas from this – contacting webmasters and letting them know you can do sites for them that rank highly in google (like me one site could turn into 15, which could turn into a lot more off referrals). Kind of the same thing with local marketing – except you are getting out there and contacting people through the web. Why can’t you just research and find people who might need sites in the top of google (think company’s\businesses – but think outside the box). Hope this helps.

And remember, feel free to ask questions about whatever you want, if you want to know anything at all.


Follow up post:

by melovemoney » Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:33 pm

Jack – a lot of the traffic for the survey site was from MySpace. As I explained in the post I showed a bunch of people in the Rich Jerk forum how to market on MySpace and in return they promoted my site. That got the site started. That got the site to raise in the PayDotCom marketplace – which naturally got me more affiliates. By the time I sold the site, PayDotCom showed me having over 90,000 affiliates. Of course it was no where near that amount promoting.

So the traffic was coming from affiliates – a lot from MySpace.

Martin – UAW is Unique Article Wizard. It’s a service that takes 3 versions of an article and “spins it” into unique versions and automatically submits to hundreds of blogs & directories. Basically used for link building and a tiny bit of traffic. Doesn’t work as well as it use to but it still works and is still worth it to me.

Let me tell you as a newbie you are extremely lucky to have this place as a resource. Even though the Rich Jerk was a good product and had a great forum, it is\was no where near as in depth as BTF. BTF just gives you such good step by step. And they are so right when they say forget all the bullshit and just do what they tell you (well they say it somewhere along those lines).

If you just follow what they tell you to do you will eventually succeed. The most important part is the research phase. If you can find a non-competitive niche that has good traffic that converts your golden if you implement the SEO methods they outline. Even a niche that is semi-competitive. I just say non-competitive because I think that’s a good place to start as a newbie.

One thing you have to understand is that most people are coming online for quick and easy money. They attempt to make money for a few days, quit, and fail. You have to stick with it – this is not a quick money business (as a beginner at least). It can be a VERY quick money business if you know what you’re doing.

As a beginner\newbie you just have a learning curve, that’s all. Stick with it and learn your shit, you will get it down. Trust me, when I first started I made nothing for a couple months. And I was putting in 12 hour days after my job. I just wanted it so bad, and I didn’t give up – that’s so crucial to succeed here. Not to mention I LOVE working online – I love it. It makes it so much easier to succeed.

So my advice is to start with a niche that you are really interested in, as that will help you REALLY like what you are doing.

Hope this helps.


Follow up post:

by melovemoney » Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:10 pm

Martin, let me tell you something – you are going to make it.

You’re going to make it because of the way you think.

You’re 2 weeks in and you have done more than a lot of people do in their first 6 months.

And you understand the concept that even though you may not be making money now – “you’re work can be working for you” (as I like to say) in 2 moths or 4 months or 6 months or whatever the time is. As the way that we are taught to do things in BTF – these types of incomes make us money on AUTO PILOT in our sleep, 24 hours a day – just as you said.

I have sites from 3 years ago I haven’t touched doing a few dollars a day in adsense. And although that isn’t much, if you have 100 sites all doing $5 a day in adsense that’s $500 a day – and THAT is very possible. And these types continue to make an automated income.

And I can tell from your post that you understand this concept. You will be one of the few that really does well, I really believe that – and it’s because of the way you think. You will, as long as you keep it up, don’t give up, and keep on moving forward.

You know it’s nice that I made $16,000 in 6 hours of work, and I’ll probably end up doing like $65,000 for like 50 hours of work – but my favorite incomes are the ones that are from sites that are completely auto-pilot that continuously make money month after month, year after year without even touching it. Those are the sites that I love the most – and that’s currently what I am working on the most right now (hint hint).

And I’m glad my story inspired some of you. If someone addicted to drugs can start an internet business – you can definitely start one. You just need the drive and the right mind frame.

I really believe in the theory of the “law of attraction”. If this is something that’s constantly on your mind – it’s going to come. Because if it’s always on your mind you really want it, and you’ll go get it.


Follow up post:

by KellyFelix » Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:11 pm

Wow, what a story. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it, and in so much detail. I think you really helped a lot of folks with that post, whether you ever find out about it or not. Thats what I love about this section. Its so motivating to see people actually succeeding.

I remember Spacebankers. One of my employees (Cam from the RJ forum) wouldn’t stop yapping about it lol. Also remember Ruck, CashTactics, etc.

Don’t feel bad about sitting around and wasting away after getting a fat payday. I think we all do that at some point, on some level. That money usually turns into a great lesson, if nothing else. As you know, if you don’t stay on top of your game, the internet / SEO / whatever will pass you by. And the money will go bye bye.

I’m stoked that you have carved out a nich in such high demand, and you’re bascially able to rank the sites at will. This just goes to show that your buyer is one of the 99.9% people out there who think that SEO is a black box, and we are basically magicians. Lets allow them to continue believing that!

BTW, I still talk to Ryan Moran.

Can’t wait to hear your next update!


Follow up post:

by melovemoney » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:55 pm
For all the people who said stuff like they should delete their success story or they don’t feel as good about they’re success story – I know you’re half joking – but please make sure your proud of your success so far because you have been more successful than 99.9% of the people who attempt to enter this business – so you’re part of the select few.

You have to understand I have been in this business for 5+ years, even though 3 of those years were spent doing like nothing – I still kept up with the business those 3 years I wasn’t active.

And understand that I REALLY want this – and I have spent and do spend a lot of time working.

And if you work hard you can make whatever you want. The more you put in the more opportunities that come your way. Just work SMART, hard, be creative and just keep trucking forward. I know I’m no where near where I want to be yet, I’m not going to be happy until I’m doing about $10,000,000 a year – that’s my big picture goal.

Wow – Cam – yeah he is one of my Facebook friends I think but I haven’t talked to him in a while. And Lance Groom was another good guy, he actually gave me a site DataPCJobs.com for free for a payback for something I did for him, forget what, and I turned that into like $100,000 – so he was another guy from your Rich Jerk days that was really a good guy.

Ryan Moran is just a horse, he’s very smart and active in this business and has come a long way. He’s very good at networking – something I don’t really do. I’m more of a keep to myself type of person (I’m not into all the internet marketing seminars and all that shit) which probably hurts me.

It’s hard not to feel bad about the last 3 years though, because I know where I COULD be right now if I didn’t stop. With the capital I had especially, I would have millions – I’m very sure of that. But, I’ve regrouped and I’ll be there within a year hopefully.

But one more time – thank you again Kelly. I can’t tell you how much your projects have helped – and you have probably helped so many more people without even knowing it (Ryan Moran is one of them and he’s very close to millions). I want you to realize that because you deserve to feel good about that.

To everyone else I can just tell you again, if you want it bad enough you’ll get it. I know I want it really bad. I got my first baby on the way and that just pushes me even harder. So just find what motivates you and get to work, and don’t stop.


Once again thanks to Greg for sharing his awesome story. There are literally hundreds of others inside of BTF, and I will continue to share them as often as I can.

It’s really nice to see that all of our hard work every day is paying off for good people.


Kelly Felix

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Comment from PLR Article Writer
July 30, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Thanks for sharing this very inspiring story! I need to read these kinds of testimonials from time-to-time because they give me a little kick in the butt to keep on keepin’ on.

Bravo, my friend!

Comment from Hendarin Riandi
February 21, 2012 at 9:11 am

Really inspiring success story! I have been very keen about Internet marketing for several years, but only made several hundred bucks and the worst thing is, I did not really knew what I was doing, tons of strategies only made me confused, because those courses that I’ve been through look very promising, but they rarely shows their money making website, let alone the keywords they’ve been using. I just joined BTF about 2 weeks ago ( I forgot the exact date) and I can watch real moneymaking websites (with real stats and real keywords) and how the mentors did it step by step. I have not make money yet, but at least with my poor keyword selection (keyword with exact local (US) monthly searches about 1500, but I think not too good commercially), using very basic and simple BTF SEO technique, my site is on the first page on google within a week, with only 3 posts. That boost my confidence, because I’ve never done it before I joined BTF. And after reading Greg’s very detail success story, my confidence raise even more. For me, Greg’s success story is worth more than so many courses out there. Thanks Greg, Kelly, Mike and all members of BTF forum, I hope I can follow your success in the near future.

Comment from Mohsin
March 6, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Sir its really sad to miss you i couldn’t get in your webinar due to loadsheting i’m from Pakistan where our government sucks they or not providing us even light so sorry

Comment from weijai
May 22, 2012 at 10:30 pm

hi…your story really inspired me. I’m still new doing internet marketing…and so far i have earned nothing in three web site i have done so far. And i know the key of success is how to be a first page on Google. By the way, thanks for sharing with us.

Comment from Linda Sophia Clark
June 26, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Wow !! This blog is wonderful ( the rich Jerk!!)
have been hearing about you for many years.
ten years I have been in love with it!!LOL
Crazy !!I am a great grandmother,once I made $27,000 and what a feeling that was, till I found out what ever I was doing was illegal some pyramid program or something I think it was ? that was in 2002 .since then I have been very careful
not to do anything unethical. have been scammed more times than I can count for thousands of dollars. ( no regrets!) will not stop till I am making it, even if it kills me LOl. I like what I am hearing here on this Blog and I little more research and I
am likely in. as I badly need direction.Yes?.
Thank you Kelly keep up the good work son…

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