It’s all about the Gold.

I don’t know about you, but up until about a year ago I knew nothing about Gold, Silver, or precious metals in general. I’ve been told by very smart people to get into precious metals for years and years. But I never really knew what they meant, or why. I’d just say “yeah, yeah” and go on about my business.

I’ve always thought the best investment was investing in myself. After all, I know what I’m capable of. I can predict with some certainty what will happen if I seriously put my time, money & effort into something.

I’ve seen people get devastated by investments and I’ve seen people make millions. But the risk always seemed too great to me.

Then a year ago I met a guy who changed all of that.

His name is Tyler Gallagher from Regal Assets.

Its really amazing who you can meet when you focus your time & energy on helping people, and only spending time with people who feel the same. Without getting weird, the universe just seems to have a way of making it happen.

Just to give you an example, if you put $10,000 into gold in 2002, it would be worth over $60,000 now. Thats a 600% return on investment… and obviously that is HUGE. Especially when most folks who had their money in stocks, mutual funds, etc. were taken to the cleaners.

So anyway, back to Tyler and Regal Assets.

I met him through a mutual friend in Los Angeles. Tyler clued me in to the VERY interesting history of the American monetary system. The shady backdoor dealings that have gone down over the past few hundred years blew my mind.

Once I started to “get it”, I became excited. After all, if I didn’t know about this stuff, how many others don’t know it?

I strongly believe there is a real opportunity to help a lot of folks here. People who don’t know what to do with their savings. Those who have their money invested in the stock market, and fear it will disappear every day. Or people whose 401k has taken a major hit, especially since all of the banks went belly up.

Gold has worked for 5,000 years. And now that the Federal Reserve and self-serving politicians have been called out by folks like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff, for printing money out of thin air, public awareness is growing.

When we see a $14 trillion dollar deficit, its hard to ignore the facts.

And the fact is, things cannot continue at this pace. It will all fall apart.

I don’t consider myself a “doom & gloom” sort of person, or a conspiracy theorist. But I can do math.

And the current math just doesn’t work.

You cannot have an independent organization (the Federal Reserve) printing money whenever it wants, while being run by a few elite private citizens (whose names are not revealed), out of the jurisdiction of any U.S. laws. Any logical person knows that is a horrible system, susceptible to fraud and special interests.

And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you print more money, every dollar in circulation becomes less valuable. I don’t want to wake up one day to realize my money in the bank is worth 50% of what it was worth when I deposited it. I don’t even want it to be worth 10% less. I want it to be worth MORE.

And the only way I know how to do that is Gold and Silver.

Check out this video from Regal Assets to see what I mean:

I’m so passionate about this industry that I’ve affiliated myself with with Regal Assets.

I consulted with them and helped create their gold affiliate program and it is like no other affiliate program in the industry. The payouts are 10 times what other companies pay. Regal offers revenue sharing deals, as well as paying per lead.

They will give you a high converting form to place on your site, and you can follow your leads in real time to see who called them, what the outcome was, what the next step is, when/if a sale takes place, and all of the notes regarding that potential customer. Nothing like this has ever been seen in this industry. In fact, most gold/silver affiliate programs pay less than 1% of the total sale, and many end up closing the affiliate program altogether when they fail (like Apmex recently did).

This is the kind of project that will have a profound affect on the lives of many people, in a POSITIVE way. If you’d like to get on board, check out Regal’s gold affiliate program, and you can get started right away.

Of course if you’d like to secure your own precious metals to hedge against stock market or dollar collapse, I think that would be a wise move as well.

Another smart move may be to roll your IRA or a 401k into precious metals. Check out more info on Gold IRA investing for details on that.

Some folks won’t take this seriously and will end up kicking themselves later.

Others will make BANK, and it will have REAL value, not just manipulated paper money.

Which one will you be?

Kelly Felix

Posted: October 31st, 2011 under stuff i recommend.
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Comment from Ian Skagen is Scurred
November 5, 2011 at 4:52 am

Awesome stuff Kelly! But I see you don’t use tons of popups and hide behind your domains like I do. I guess I’m too scared lol.

Comment from mike
November 17, 2011 at 7:26 am

Kelly, if you created their gold affiliate program then why did I get rejected?

Comment from Sambi
November 27, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Has anyone noticed the sneaky steps the US gov is taking to confiscate gold?

P.S. Kelly… the Rich Jerk’s site has changed now with a message conveying that “The Rich Jerk is back!”….. Is it you or someone else? Just curious!

Comment from Clarentino
November 29, 2011 at 7:56 am

I’m not sure whether I would get accepted in your gold affiliate program. I’m with BTF and had some decent success making some money but not that much. What’s the criteria to get accepted?

Comment from Ed
December 12, 2011 at 11:31 pm

Hi Kelly,

You are talking about a 14 trillion dollar deficit. This is not true. The total debt of the US is 14 trillion. The deficit is about 1.5 trillion every single year.

Comment from Chris
December 26, 2011 at 9:11 pm

Hi Kelly,

I’m proud to say that I’ve also teamed with you and Regal Assets through the affiliate program.


Comment from Dallas Kelso
February 3, 2012 at 6:45 pm

G’Day Kelly,

Dallas Kelso here from Sydney Australia. I am really pleased to hear that you have found out more about the currency system. Its a pretty wicked scam hey? Its actually one of the most calculated and planned systems that has ever existed, and its design by nature has always been to perform massive wealth transfers to the top 3% – you know, The Rothchilds, Rockefellers & JP Morgans types of the world.

Something that I may have missed in your post (that adds weight to what you have shared) is the basis for what your 401K system has been built on. 99.9% of US workers have been pumping their money into the stock market (and handed over all that power to their fund managers) all tax free, with the understanding that when they retire, they can each withdraw about $1000 a month to live on (assuming they can live on $1000 a month – highly doubtful – and assuming they are each perfectly healthy – also doubtful).

2012 is the year that close to 70,000,000 baby boomers hit retirement age in the US alone.

Let’s do the math. That works out to be about $70,000,000,000 leaving the stock market each month! I don’t know about you and the rest of your readers, but that kind of money leaving the stock market each month (conservatively speaking), does not promote a healthy upward trend in the stock market.

That’s why I also see that what we saw in the great depression will probably be a walk in the park compared to what is coming.

Fiat based currencies (currency not backed by anything of intrinsic value) will always return to its true value – zip!

History has always been a good teacher (especially with governments of years gone by that debased their currencies). Financial power houses of years ago all ended up the same.

Since the time the bank of England was formed (about the time the original “Fed” concept was birthed at the time of the Napolian war took place with England when private bankers cut a deal with the King to create currency), this system has been cleverly planned and rolled out across most of the world.

Presidents that have signed off on bills to take back control of their countries currency have been popped each time (the day after the bill was signed), Lincoln and Kennedy saw this fate. The first thing their “replacements” did was to abolish those bills and leave the control with the FED.

Thankfully, we started investing in precious metals back when Silver was still under $10 per troy ounce. While Gold is still essential, Silver represents a very large opportunity for growth (supply and demand).

Since the last “proper” bull run of silver back in 1980, there is less silver above the ground now compared to back then, and the consumption is far greater (electronics and medical purposes).

The higher level plan of the central banking (and fractional reserve banking) is to return the wealth (ownership) of a nation when the country enters into sovereign default. The only asset left to satisfy the debt collection is the landmass itself.

Mate – I don’t know you personally, but as a fellow internet marketer (I use that term loosely about myself because you are miles ahead of me), if you can get the message out about “Why Gold & Silver” and explain the reasons (in the way you “got it”), it would help so many people be prepared.

Mike Maloney has some great resources that explain lots of what you have just learned.

While there would appear to be lots of controversy and conspiracy – I won’t say a word about 9/11 – I promise :-) (oops, I just did) with lots of the currency control and precious metals, if we focus on the basics, and look at the true value of Gold & Silver, we can see they are inflation proof compared to currency.

Back in ancient Roman times, 1 ounce of Gold would buy you a nice suit and shoes. Today, 1 ounce of Gold will still buy you a nice suit and shoes.

The more IM people convert their cash into precious metals, the better prepared we will all be in the times ahead. (Don’t forget about having some long life food and organic seeds as well. Every time a countries currency system fails, supply of food normally follows for a period of time until the dust settles).

Anyway, that my short post from across the pond :-)

Dallas Kelso (over and out) :-)
Sydney Australia

Comment from Jeff Sneeringer
April 27, 2012 at 1:20 am

Hi Kelly,

I’m sure glad I kept getting the daily BTF Email Digest. I was blown away when I saw the Regal Assets link in your post signature. I purchased BTF about a year ago and have been building sites from that info.

I’ve been in the gold business since 1988 and ever since I learned how to build websites I’ve been trying to find a way to profit from my knowledge of gold.

I have several articles on EzineArticles about gold, one I penned in 2009 where I predicted this increase in the gold price.

My guess is when China stops buying U.S. treasuries, something they are contemplating right now, the U.S. Dollar will be devalued and the gold price will blow past $5000/oz.

I was an Affiliate with several Gold Companies that eventually dropped their affiliate program.

Like I said at the start of this comment, I’m sure glad I kept getting the daily BTF Email Digest. And, I’m glad I finally opened one and read it..LOL

Thank You for offering this Affiliate Program!


Comment from Mike Kraft
October 11, 2012 at 6:16 pm

Hi Kelly,

I just joined BTF this week and when I saw Regal Assets it stopped me in my tracks.

I have read all the comments. Here is one that concerned me:
Comment from mike
November 17, 2011 at 7:26 am

Kelly, if you created their gold affiliate program then why did I get rejected?

Is there something I should know in advance before I “apply” to be an affiliate?
Got my fingers crossed…
Mike Kraft

Comment from Chris
May 17, 2013 at 7:23 am

Hi Kelly, I just started promoting this. I’m gonna hit it hard. :)

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